EARP speaking in high tech meetings of Berlin and Wroclaw IT companies in Luneta


LUNETA 2016 is an interesting initiative to bring Wroclaw and Berlin together much closer than 350 km. Under the patronage of Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, and Rafał Dutkiewicz, Mayor of Wroclaw, Luneta is an installation open to visitors from 9 May to 3 July. When you enter the blue tent, you can see the street scenes from the partner city Berlin (near Friedrichstraße Train Station). Not surprisingly, visitors in Berlin can watch people walking by near the Wroclaw’s railway station.

The real time character of the installation quickly triggered ideas to use Luneta as a place to organise remote business conferences between the two cities without the need to travel.


On 12 May the organizers of the first interactive event, SIBB e.V. (association for companies in the IT and Internet industry within Berlin and Brandenburg), Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency SA (WADA) and ITCorner association, brought IT companies from Berlin and Wroclaw together in order to exchange the know-how in the field of machine 2 machine, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and 3D printing projects. The remotness methaphor was used to show cooperation possibilities between German and Polish companies.

Four companies from Berlin and four from Poland were matched in a very clever way to show the synergy potential.

A good example of the business matching are the companies ICE Gateway (Berlin) and EARP (Wroclaw).

ICE Gateway, specialising in connected digital infrastructure, held a presentation about the street lighting infrastructure extended by various IoT solutions. The wireless infrastructure could be used in the future for traffic control, real time marketing, security and logistics.

The CEO of EARP, Piotr Stawinski, spoke about a big smart metering solution the company was working on for its German strategic partner. Over the years they have been working on digitalizing the business processes of their customer, making use of the heat and water consumption metering data. That let their customer to cut their operational costs and gain advantage over their competition in Germany.

ITCorner association in Wroclaw has lately become a strategic partner of the Berlin SIBB association, and both parties plan to strengthen the business cooperation among their members. On 26. May during the SIBB Summit 2016 in Berlin ITCorner representatives will present their association to the SIBB members. It is a great chance for the business in Berlin and Wroclaw to start working together closely.