Success story

Field management for sport clubs

Field management for sport clubs

Country: Finland

Partner: Solivion Oy, Finland

Industry: Sport technologies

People in project: 8

Location: Finland & Poland


Football clubs need to plan and manage a large amount of training shifts on several fields and also manage the coaches available for the trainings. Traditionally planning is made with number of excel sheets. which are difficult to maintain and not well suited for information sharing. In addition to planning and maintaining the plans, the clubs also need to take care of invoicing the field time from the teams using it. Furthermore many clubs have own fields or other facilities, for which they need separate management and administration, including invoicing.

Success story

We started working together with Solivion on defining the use cases and functionalities of the solution. An implementation roadmap and development backlog was created. The first version of the system was developed within a couple of months and succesfully launch for the 5 clubs, which made the first season planning with the system. The feedback from the clubs was, that they wouldn’t want to manage their planning manually anymore. According to the development roadmap, new features will be continuously added to the solution. Also new countries and new sport disciplines will be addressed. The solution has been from the beginning developed to support several countries and languages.


Solivion Oy and EARP designed a web solution including: –

  • data for all the football training locations in the country (5000+)
  • management of field providers, clubs, teams and other users
  • calendars for planning and maintaining training plans
  • flexible pricing and invoicing functionality with integration to several accounting systems
  • planning and supervising work of coaches and other club personnel
  • market place for selling field time and for searching available fields and their information