Success story

Digital transformation of waste management processes | national register for waste electric equipment

Digital transformation of waste management processes | national register for waste electric equipment

Country: Germany

Partner: ESN Innovo GmbH, Elysio AG

Industry: Public administration / Waste management

People in project: 20

Location: Germany & Poland


ESN innovo GmbH is a consulting company and a software house with focus on process optimization for the energy industry and utilities, real estate and housing market.

The national register for waste electric equipment stiftung ear was founded by producers of electrical and electronic devices. Located in Fürth, Germany, stiftung ear is the German Clearing House according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). The producers started the foundation in context with the implementation of the the European Union’s directive to reduce the evergrowing amount of waste from electrical and electronic goods that are no longer in use, as defines in the European Union’s WEEE directive.

Success story

The stiftung ear software registers the producers and coordinates the provision of containers and the pick-up of electrical and electronic waste equipment at the public waste disposal authorities in the whole Germany.

In 2013, our customer ESN innovo started working on the register software for stiftung ear. EARP was chosen as a subcontractor for building Web portals as well as for middleware integration.

Using the national register software stiftung ear is able to

  • register the producers that place electrical and electronic equipment on the market in Germany
  • check guarantees
  • asses collective producer-guarantee-systems
  • collect data of the amounts of electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market
  • coordinate the provision of containers and the take-back of waste electrical and electronic equipments at the public waste disposal authorities (öffentlich-rechtliche Entsorgungsträger, örE)
  • collect fees for public services provided by stiftung ear

Producers are responsible for the whole life of their products, from creation up to disposal. A producer in the context of the ElektroG does not only mean the person creating a product, but also the importer, exporter and, under certain circumstances, the distributor. The Act requires local authorities to set up collection points for electrical and electronic equipment that was in use in private households. Producers must collect the equipment from these sites and dispose of it properly.

The new stiftung ear software fully implements the ElectroG act.


The project was built on top of the ESN software platform opusP®. opusP® is a workflow engine and an integration platform based on Java Enterprise. It  supports the following features:

  • defining and managing business structures,
  • modeling business processes,
  • integrating external systems,
  • generating reports
  • managing documents

The engagement of EARP Integration was to build a Web portal for producers, public waste disposal authorities and other parties engaged in the process of registering the equipment in the system. The solution was built on top of Java Enterprise with JavaServer Faces and Bootstrap. EARP also integrated the system with the ESN innovo workflow engine, opusP®.