Success story

M2M smart metering | Digital transformation of business processes

M2M smart metering | Digital transformation of business processes

Country: Germany

Partner: anonymous

Industry: utilities

People in project: 20

Location: Germany & Poland


Our customer is a major billing service provider for heating and water consumption in Germany and serves big housing companies in Germany.

Success story

The main goal of the smart metering project was to create a modern system of remote metering for big housing companies in Germany. The promise was cutting costs of the readouts and maintenance by applying intelligent device networks, which eliminated the need to send technicians to the houses where meters were installed.

Our customer, a significant provider of energy cost billing services, had chosen us to take over further development and maintenance of their systems. Our specialists were working on meter data analysis, as well as on automated billing and consumption estimations in case of faulty devices. We were also responsible for optimising the process of maintenance orders.

Today, the systems monitors meter data from about 100 000 devices installed in 700 networks.