Bespoke software development for smart city projects

For many years we have been working with our customers and partners on smart city projects. Over those years we have gathered a comprehensive portfolio of IT projects in that field. We would love to talk to you about your business challenges and ideas that may turn into the next interesting project we could work on together.

When technology meets the city, it may become more affordable and livable for its inhabitants. Whether it’s about public transit, waste management, safety and security, sensors, facility management or APIs creating interoperability among the city systems, we have been there already. Please take a look at the areas we have mastered while working with our customers and partners.

Waste management

The rise in new and innovative technologies has led to the development and production of devices, tools and software systems that help in managing and recycling the world’s biggest problem—waste. Through these innovations the industry is finding newer ways to make waste management faster, easier and more cost-efficient.

At EARP we were engaged in creating one of the most important waste management software solutions in Europe.

Digital transformation of waste management processes | national register for waste electric equipment

Facility management and automated billing processes

Facility management is a form of asset management concerned with the successful and profitable maintenance, operation, and monitoring of buildings or properties. It encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, systems, place, process, and technology.

EARP is helping the housing industry to make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. Software systems developed at the company for EARP’s customers and partners optimize housing management processes and cut billing costs for tenants.

Automation of businesses processes for heat cost billing providers

Workflow system | Installer portal for water, gas and electricity connections

Facility management for sport clubs


Based on IoT technology, the popularity of the smart city concept around the world will generate immense demand for electronic components. Smart cities will have an exponential impact on sensors. Monitoring a functioning city with millions of people requires sensors to be highly dedicated, accurate, and highly reliable.

‘The best sensor is a person with their mobile’ – Donald Clark, Schneider Electric.

At EARP we have been developing mobile solutions for many customers and partners. The examples are a mobile platform for reading out consumption meter data or a hospital app for doctors and nurses for respiratory monitoring. We develop both native and hybrid apps that run on iOS and Android.

Our projects in the sensor field:

M2M smart metering | Digital transformation of business processes

R&D: Location based documentation of construction sites (new)

Smart hospitals

Building a smart hospital is more than bringing together connected devices on a high-speed networking infrastructure. It means rethinking the care processes, management systems, and even physical facilities to drive a new way of delivering care. This starts with the fundamental objective that every healthcare-delivery institution strives to achieve excellence in healthcare delivery.

At EARP we help disrupting the smart health and smart hospitals. We support our partner PMD Solutions in revolutionizing the respiratory monitoring for hospitals.

City APIs

APIs are increasingly being released by city authorities around the world as a programmatic way for community organizations and businesses to interact with city open data. The growing international focus on the ‘smart city’ — in which open data, e-government, and real-time sensor feeds contribute to more automated and sustainable city functioning — will also rely heavily on APIs in order to make much of that agenda possible.

EARP has been engaged in the following projects in the area of city APIs:

Building a hub API solution for the city of Wroclaw, Poland (events, activities and places)

Tell us about your challenge in the area of smart cities

Does your business idea, your software platform or your project require dedicated software? Many companies from start-up to matured business operations face from time to time situations calling for some kind of specific software. Often the functional requirements are already outlined and there is a need to find a cost-effective and timely way to have the required bespoke software implemented. In some cases, the software technology to be applied is strictly defined upfront, in other cases the technology selection is not decisive and should be part of the software implementation project on their smart city solutions.

We are optimally tuned to provide bespoke software solutions to our customer’s requirements. Your existing software environment or your preferences may predefine the software technologies for us to apply. Alternatively, we can analyse, which technologies best match the functional requirements at hand. In majority of the cases, a faster and more cost-effective implementation can be achieved by applying Wyatt, the open source enterprise platform, which we have developed for our customers’ benefit.

Typically we deliver the following software solutions in smart city projects







If you’re planning to create your own solution, please let us talk about it!

We have been cooperating with the following customers and partners in building solutions for smart cities

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