Regional Television Wroclaw in our company

A few days ago we had a visit from Regional Television Wroclaw (19th Aug 2015), and while our employees were arriving to work for the day the TV crew were waiting in our boardroom. In the beginning people felt a little bit shy, but luckily for us the journalists were helpful and kind. They started to make a movie with our students. We do have the best developers at our company, however the main reason the TV crew were at our company was because we are an organised practice for students from the Wroclaw University of Technology under the Internship Programme ‘ITPopcorn.’ Other companies that participate in this programme from the IT industry include companies that are associates of ITCorner. Students who were interviewed were asked about their future – where they see themselves after they complete their studies; in big corporations or small companies? They were also asked what their general and overall thoughts of the internship was. I can proudly say that students only spoke positively about their projects and tasks at our workplace, and now everyone wants to continue their careers in our company.


You can check out the website of TV Wroclaw here:


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