Choosing the right outsourcing option for your software projects

Your business is growing fast, and you need to add people to your software team or even build new teams? You can’t get enough talented people in a short time? You should consider hiring an outsourcing partner.

Three basic options available when considering outsourcing are offshoring, nearshoring and onshoring. We will analyze these shortly and present to you one more option, which is an interesting and proven alternative experienced in our daily work with customers.

Offshoring means that a company relocates software development to a foreign, distant, and lower-cost labor country. That often means cultural differences, time zone offset and a long distance to travel to meet the partner. However, it is a frequently chosen option if money is the main criterion.




We talk about nearshoring when a company outsources IT processes to a nearby country. It has a lot of advantages over offshoring:

  • geographical proximity
  • same time zone
  • cultural, social and legal similarities, which leads to better trust

So you relocate the work to a country in the same region, but to a lower-cost organization. You do not reduce the cost as much as with offshoring, but all the other aspects work better.




At first sight onshoring should be the best option. It is when you outsource to a company in your own country. It means the best proximity and the same culture of course, but you do not reduce the cost and usually have to wait longer to get the people from your partner, because they have the same problem that you have – there is not enough talent in your country.




So, how to kill two birds with one stone?  That is, to reduce cost and effectively outsource work to complete your software projects on time?

Smartsourcing is all about finding a trusted partner first. A strategic partner that:

  • has a mission to help you grow your business
  • wants to learn about your core business, the processes you apply  and to be on the same page when you start talking about IT projects
  • wants to build relations based on trust and thinks long-term
  • will help you innovate and achieve a competitive advantage in the market
  • will help you with more than just software development; your strategic partner, knowing your business, should support you from the inception of your business ideas

So, if a company thinks about building a long-term relation with a software house, and is ready to outsource their IT projects to a nearby country, we talk about smart-nearshoring.




How we do that?

At EARP Integration, we concentrate on building strategic partnerships with European companies, that need help in software development.

“When starting a new working relationship, with a customer, our first priority is to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of their business. That’s the only way we can help them technologically innovate in their industry. We also give ourselves time to get mutual trust with the customer. And indeed, after some time we cooperate as smoothly as a remote department for the customer’s business.” – says Piotr Stawinski, CEO at EARP.

EARP’s approach is based on building well-tuned teams for their partners. People who have already cooperated together on previous software projects, and who, understanding the customer’s business, help solve their problems with software. They build IT solutions using agile approach, working very closely with their partners.

“EARP has been in charge of many very successful projects at Elysio. EARP provides a very sound and professional turnkey service for creating software. From specifying the needs to finding the right architecture, from developing in fast moving environments to trouble shooting, from leading the whole process with fine management qualities even in stormy conditions to celebrating the success with their superb social skills.” – says Andreas Bauer, the CEO of Elysio GmbH, a long-term customer of EARP. And adds – “Elysio was and still is very satisfied with the co-operation with EARP. It is a pleasure and a relief to be able to share the responsibility with such a reliable partner. You just sleep so well at night.”