Rubber duck debugging in our office

Entenfamilie Oh not again… I’ve been analysing my code for more than an hour now, and still don’t see the reason why my piece of code fails. Help! Could anyone help me? Come over to my desk please everyone… Oh, oh, wait… got it, sorry guys, my fault, I’ve got a typo here! Sounds familiar? How often do you ask a colleage to take a look at your code when you are hopeless trying to find the reason of the bug in the software? It costs your co-workers loss of concentration, it will take some time till they get again to the problem they were working on at the moment you asked them for help! Have you tried out the rubber duck debugging technique? So, first grab your duck and explain her what the code should do and why it doesn’t. Show the duck the code that is doing what you say it should do… Oh, alrigth duck, I’ve found it, this line is wrong! Thanks and see you later 🙂 This technique was mentioned for the first time in the book The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas. We made a very good experience using that technique. The duck is the first mate to ask for help!