We use the following technologies to create software

  • JEE enterprise portals

    In most of the projects for our customers we are using Java Enterprise, with JavaServer Faces or Struts frontends. We are experienced in scaling such solutions into high-performance clusters.

  • ERP system integration

    We are skilled in connecting software to various ERP systems, starting from SAP and ending with specialised industry solutions like GES or BlueEagle for the German housing market.

  • Integration with other systems

    Apart from ERP systems, we integrate our customers’ software with any other external applications, applying Web Services, REST, or messaging systems.

  • database migrations

    For years we have been working on projects, in which we migrate databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) .

  • Test automation

    We automate software tests in all our projects with the use of jUnit, Selenium and other tools and libraries. In order to achieve continuous integration, we use tools like Hudson or Jenkins.

  • Advanced client applications

    We have created many advanced client applications with a rich user interface using of Java Swing and SWT. Such frontends are perfect for intranet solutions – they are very user friendly and take over some business logic and data processing.

  • Mobile applications

    We cooperate with our partner companies to deliver B2B mobile applications. We build solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Open standards vs commercial software

    We promote the use of open source tools like JBoss and MySQL in the creation of software. However, we have no problem applying any other commercial tools in our projects.

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