• we consider mutual trust between us and our partners as our core value
  • trust is an important ingredient of open communication in the project which allows us to build better software products


  • we seek out only the best ideas and solutions
  • we invest time in self-development but we also help others
  • we like to question status quo and challenge assumptions
  • our goal is finding the simplest solutions even for the most complex issues


  • every day we try to inspire each other and to do things better than yesterday
  • we celebrate achievements together
  • we openly talk about our failures and draw conclusions – to not discuss failures more than once


  • we seek best solutions that benefit our partners
  • we save time with direct and open communication
  • we are honest about our shortcomings
  • we pride ourselves on our morals and ethics and do not tolerate the concealing of information or inside politics


  • we learn fast and readily
  • we strive to understand the business of our partners and their problems
  • we treat technology as a means to answer business challenges therefore we must understand both very well


  • we believe that processes are just the means to achieve goals, so we are focused on achieving results more than on blindly following processes

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