• Skill enhancement

    Our team is constantly working on developing their competence. We know how easy it is to be left behind in our industry, so we keep up to date on the latest changes and identify and action any skill gaps. We continuously raise the level of our programming skills and project management. Internal and external training, tech conferences, coding dojos and discussions about technology – this is how we spend time at work, in addition to the daily work on projects.

  • Friendly office

    For the reason that we spend large part of our lives at work, we need a friendly place to work at. We stay at a beautiful location in the heart of Wroclaw. It is hidden in a quiet courtyard patio in plac Solny 14a.

  • FUN

    We love working on IT projects, but also appreciate the time out of the office. And because work-life balance is so important to us, we do sports together after work. Currently it is soccer & basketball.

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