We deliver services of outstanding quality in the following areas


We help our partners to specify and implement enterprise class systems. Our customers are encouraged to use our own enterprise framework to speed up the development of their systems or we can implement any custom solution they need.

In most of the projects for our customers we use  Java Enterprise, with AngularJS, JavaServer Faces or Struts frontends. We are experienced in scaling such solutions into high-performance clusters.

Building upon JBoss/Wildfly, Oracle/MySQL databases, AngularJS, PicketLlink, REST, Apache Jackrabbit, JBPM, and much more, we have created our own enterprise portal framework, which is our foundation for building Java server side solutions.

We  continuously work on enhancing our skills in new technologies by investing in courses and latest books, visiting tech conferences, attending ITCorner tech meetups and organising internal technology talks.


We automate software tests in all our projects with the use of jUnit, Selenium, Arquillian, Mockito and other tools and libraries. We promote test automation and continuous integration in our projects because it has a huge impact on the quality of software that we deliver. In order to achieve continuous integration, we use tools like Hudson or Jenkins. We also promote test driven development(TDD).

In order to provide high quality software systems we put much effort into applying best programming practices. We organise internal coding dojos, which allows us to run open discussions about the way we write code. We also apply pair programming for critical parts of the software, and always run code reviews. We use tools like Sonar to measure code quality, as well as test and documentation coverage.


We have experience in organising teams for geographically distributed projects. Proper tools as well as our experience in applying agile methods help us gain productivity, that is as high as the performance of teams working together at one location.

We use Jira, Slack, Trello and other collaboration tools in our agile projects. For communication we use TeamViewer, Skype and other video and conference tools.


We are skilled in connecting software to various ERP systems, starting from SAP and ending with specialised industry solutions like GES or BlueEagle for the German housing market.

Apart from ERP systems, we integrate our customers’ software with any other external applications, applying Web Services, RESTful services, or messaging systems.


For our customers we have created many advanced client applications with rich user interface using Java Swing and SWT. These frontends are perfect for their intranet solutions – they are very user friendly, are capable of running offline, and may provide better performance, because application processing is done on the local machine.


We have many experienced project leaders in our team. They have been involved in many international projects and speak fluent English and German.

We always promote an agile approach in projects, and encourage our customers to use tools like Jira to manage the projects. Involving our customers as active members of agile teams helps to achieve  project objectives much faster.


We cooperate with our partner companies to deliver B2B mobile applications. We build solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Also the EARP enterprise platform framework is ready for any frontend technologies. With the use of it, we can easily integrate our customers’ mobile solutions with our enterprise server layer.


We promote the use of open source tools like JBoss / Wildfly, MySQL, Apache & RedHat projects when building software because these products are so advanced that there is a possibility of significant cost savings for our customers without losing the quality . However, if a customer already uses commercial tools usually the integration is straightforward and seamless.


We are experienced in optimising business processes with the use of software. We listen to our customers, are aware what their processes look like and find ways to make their life easier by automating certain activities. It lets them cut their operational costs. One of our key partners has decreased their costs by over  25%. The automation has also positively influenced the quality of services provided by them to their customers.


For years we have been working on projects, in which we migrate data among various database systems (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Server).

Our enterprise platform

About our enterprise platform:

  • is ready for all types of frontends (Web, desktop, mobile) through the use of RESTful APIs
  • is open and scalable Java Enterprise architecture based on Wildfly JEE server
  • supports Oracle, MySQL and other database systems
  • has security engine based on PicketLink
  • is built in workflow/JBPM engine
  • provides reporting in multiple file formats (Jasper reports)
  • includes inbound and outbound mailing based on Apache James
  • has document management based on Apache Jackrabbit
  • uses Hibernate as persistence layer
  • has high test coverage through an extensive use of automated tests (jUnit, Selenium, Arquillian)
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