Success story

FinTech | Algotrading software

Country: Poland

Partner: Empirica S.A.

Industry: Finance technologies, FinTech

People in project: 2

Location: Wrocław

The Algorithmic Trading Platform from Empirica S.A. is a unique solution on the Polish market. It automates trading on stock exchanges and is dedicated for broker houses and hedge funds. The platform is certified by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company provides their customers with a complete environment for creating, testing and execution of algorithmic strategies.

EARP Integration is helping them with further development of the platform by providing Web frontends for:

  • configuration and administration of system modules – Order Engine – responsible for routing orders to brokers and exchanges, Strategy Executor – a module processing algorithmic strategies implemented by users
  • configuration and monitoring of the stock exchange simulator – a module responsible for testing algorithmic strategies by the users before going to the real market; the simulator allows their users to generate different scenarios, which may occur in the market