Piotr Stawiński

Piotr Stawiński


Founder and CEO of EARP Integration with over 20 years of experience in software engineering and project management. During this time he was providing leadership for many consulting and development projects of innovative and robust IT systems in Poland, Germany and Switzerland.
Piotr combines a lifelong passion for IT with psychology. In EARP he has created a culture-driven workplace with strong company values like: open communication, involvement & ownership, drive & curiosity. Piotr holds a degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Wroclaw, he had also studied Business Psychology at the School of Banking in Wroclaw. Piotr is a Managing Partner & CCO of Scaliner, a joint venture of distinguished solution houses which aims to support and grow customers’ businesses with the right ideas, consultancy, technology & software. Piotr is also a Board Member of Empirica, the most experienced FinTech Software House in Europe.

Michał Różański

Michał Różański

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Managing Partner of EARP Integration. Michal is an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in software engineering with strong focus on financial sector. He is the CEO at Empirica S.A., the first European FinTech Software House, which delivers highly specialized software development services for financial industry. He is also the architect behind Empirica’s flagship products like Empirica-Advisor, the robo-advisory software for wealth managers and Algorithmic Trading Platform, the cutting edge algorithmic tools for professional investors. He became a trusted partner and advisor for many FinTech startups and financial institutions in developing their systems. Empirica built solutions for companies like Warsaw Stock Exchange, Crédit Agricole, leading brokerage firms, robo-advisors and many disruptive FinTech startups.

Petteri Kleemola

Petteri Kleemola

Chief Strategy Officer

In the role of CSO, Petteri is broadening the international horizon in the management team of EARP Integration. He originates from Finland, has spent his entire professional career in international management roles and has gained cross-cultural experience from several international organizations as well as by living and working abroad. Petteri has deep roots in software industry arising from different roles and business segments, but he can also leverage his rich management and business development background in other industries. He is CEO of Scaliner, a joint venture of distinguished software houses. Petteri also serves as advisor and non-executive board member in a number of companies.

  • Vision

    We aim to form strategic international partnerships with software houses requiring specialized Java Enterprise and agile expertise.

    We are a software house, so we perfectly understand challenges that other software houses face in their projects. We can augment a team, that will work with the same standards and processes as our partners’ internal teams. Our teams will deliver the same quality within the required time and budget just as our partners’ teams would do. It helps our partners to expand their operations with our forces.

    We already have solid experience in large-scale IT projects in Poland and Germany and we want to expand our operations in other European countries. We enjoy working in an international environment. The key players in our teams speak fluent German and English.

    We aim to form strategic partnerships, because we know that it takes time to learn the business of the customer, adjust their internal software development processes and understand their company culture. While working together on projects we build mutual trust. All this allows us to not only deliver working software, but also advise them how through technology they can gain an advantage in their industry.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to solve complex business problems with high quality software systems by applying agile methods in the development process.

    We help our customers in implementing advanced Java Enterprise solutions, and we do it by:

    • building well-tuned software teams from talented software engineers
    • applying remote agile processes proven in multiple projects

    In 2013-2015, 90% of all our projects were carried out for German software houses. On an average project for our customers, we:

    • built a team of 5 developers
    • we ran 14 sprints (7 months, 2-week sprints)
    • we had 140 daily stand-ups, using cameras, phones, TV-screens and communication & collaboration software (TeamViewer, Skype)
    • we drank 2100 cups of coffee

    Since our inception in 2009 we are running all our projects using agile methodologies. During this time we perfected the way agile works in outsourcing and remote projects. We share with our partners proven elements of agile processes that have worked on our projects, as well as the tools we use for facilitating development and cooperation. We want to continuously fine-tune our processes together with our partners in common projects, with one goal in mind – perfect delivery of software products.

  • History

    Our company was founded in 2009. Since the very beginning we have been providing high-quality IT outsourcing services for our customers in Germany and Poland. In response to the clients’ needs we have built a team of specialists ready for remote agile projects.

    For our first customer we built a dedicated mini ERP solution, which improved their business processes and significantly influenced their quality of service. Meanwhile we were  broadening the scope of customers in Poland and abroad.

    In 2013 we moved our office to the picturesque Old Town of Wroclaw. We also started working for our first Polish software houses. EARP Integration, with several other companies, founded ITCorner association. We started working on bigger IT projects with other members of the association.

    In August 2015 we opened an office in the Netherlands. We aim to start working on the first projects for our Dutch partners by the end of the year 2015.

    For today, we have been delivering software projects for our partners in the following locations: