ITCorner Weekend Management Meeting, November 2015

On the 26th and 27th of November 2015 EARP Integration, as a member of ITCorner cluster, attended  the ITCorner Weekend Management Meeting in Sulislaw, Poland.

On the first day, the management took part in the Leadership Workshop. The training was conducted by Agnieszka Fornalczyk. Agnieszka has over 20 years of commercial experience in the field of business psychology, negotiations and people management. She led us through the most important aspects of managing a middle-sized IT company.

The following day we took part in Massawa management game, provided by Octigo. Massawa is addressed to members, leaders and team leaders. The training teaches teamwork, leadership, and demonstrates in practice different styles of management and communication. In 2007, the Project Management Institute awarded Massawa as the world’s best training programme in project management (PMI Award 2007).Downloads13Downloads14

Dutch market introduction

On 2. and 3. November we hosted our brand new team member from the Netherlands. Iliana Kappert, our new business developer, was speaking about the cultural aspects of cooperation with Dutch customers. It was a very inspiring meeting for both Iliana and the team, and we exchanged lots of experiences and stories from the projects we do at EARP for our customers in Poland and abroad. Everyone now is excited to start working in the Dutch projects!