Andrzej’s great anniversary

Today 11th September 2015 we celebrated a special day because our employee, Andrzej, had his five year anniversary with EARP!!! He is our longest serving employee. Over the past five years many things have changed. We have moved to a different office, hired new people and taught many things to our interns. And we have always had Andrzej with us. He is our silent hero – everybody can count on him, he always has good advice and a smile first thing Monday morning. Our CEO gave him a special watch, direct from Germany, as a thank you. It was so nice to see Andrzej so happy and drinking a glass of champagne, and everyone wishing Andrzej luck for the future. Now every developer is waiting for their five year anniversary!


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ITCorner Picnic

In the beginning of September, on the banks of the Odra River, we met with other members of ITCorner.  This was an event organised for the integration of employees, employers and our families.  Java, Jira and other such application had to stay in the office.  We had competitions between other companies in football, volleyball, sack races, drinking beer and many other activities.  For children there were inflatable jumping castles and face painting. The main event for us was the foosball competition.  We had trained hard for this event, perhaps even too hard!  Unfortunately on the most important day we failed to win!  We have already started planning for next year, and we shall win, without losing a game or a drop of sweat!


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Visit in Radio Wroclaw

Recently we had a visit from a local TV station as mentioned in our previous blog. All of a sudden we became so well known that the radio station, Radio Wroclaw called our boss. In August it was arranged that the radio crew came to our office and talked with Piotr Stawinski (the captain of our ship), Rafal, Joanna (the brave guardians of the interns) and to the students. They spoke about our company, the work, and daily activities of EARP and Empirica. Our trainees have regular tasks and are treated like every other employee. Of course, our brave guardians watch over their duties and explain any difficulties. EARP took in five students for the internship and offer an interesting alternatives of tasks and duties that they would not have the opportunity to participate in if they were in a large corporation. Small companies can offer jobs in projects with more responsibilities where you are not just a pawn in a narrow range of operations, but an important part of all processes. We want to find talented students, develop their skills and teach something new that will benefit both parties


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